When the children turn 2.5 years, they make the progression into the classroom. Here the child’s day is structured around a three-hour work cycle in the morning. The Montessori method of teaching is presented to the children during this time. This method encourages the children to freely choose exercises from the shelves, working at their own pace. These exercises in practical life, sensorial refinement, language and arithmetic encourage co-ordination, increase concentration, promote self confidence and prepare the child for the next step at ‘big’ school.

During the morning the children get help on a one to one basis.

The rest of the morning is spent on arts and crafts, play-dough, colouring, baking, sports, dancing and music. Every day we have circle time, which features roll call, weather, news, discussions, stories, drama and learning about the themes of the month, e.g. Autumn time, road safety, sea life, Africa.

Our afternoons are much more relaxed, creating a more homely atmosphere. The children can visit siblings in the other rooms and spend as much time as possible in the garden. Free imaginative play and opportunities for socialisation are the order of this time of day.

Each year we make an annual trip to Glenroe Farm in the spring.

Christmas is celebrated with a visit from Santa Claus, the production of a concert from the classroom children and a mulled wine reception for the parents afterwards.


Sample Montessori Classroom Monthly Plans


Easter & New Life:learning about the holiday of Easter and how we celebrate, making Easter Arts & Crafts, baking hot cross buns, Coco’s Easter egg hunt, visit from the Easter Bunny

Gardening: Learning the life cycle of a plant, planting an organic vegetable garden, sensory fun with soil and gardening tools

On the Farm: Names and sounds of farm animals, what does a farmer do?, animal family names, food, where they live on the farm, songs and art about the farm, preparing for our class trip to Glenroe Farm in May!

*Designing and illustrating an Eric Carle book as a class project
*Irish: counting to ten, close the door (dun an doras) and open the door (oscail an doras)
*Creating a name poster as a class to reinforce name recognition


Food & Nutrition
Healthy choices versus unhealthy choices
The Food Pyramid
How to keep our bodies healthy
How to Brush our teeth & wash our hands Correctly. I brush my teeth song. Learning about calcium, vitamins, & nutrients
Observing how our bodies grow – measuring our heights
talking about visiting the doctor & dentist
making healthy fruit smoothies
Painting with our body parts
Pretending we are doctors & patients: wearing a sling, putting on plasters


Learning the names of the planets and galaxy
Review of the history of time
Learning a new planet song by papa gg
Observing oxygen by doing experiments with gravity talking about astronauts and space travel, making an observation chart of the phases of the moon, Learning who Neil Armstrong is.
Making space rockets.

We’ll be learning all about bread, its ingredients, how bread is made in a mill and tasting various types of bread (potato, wholewheat, rye) as well as different forms of bread (rolls, loaves, buns, pitas) how is bread different in other countries?

*we will be visiting glenroe farm as a class on Thursday, 6th of May. More details to come!