The Toddler Room

The Toddler room promotes both independence and a sense of responsibility. Toddlers are active learners, that is why we have designed an environment that keeps their fingers busy and their minds engaged.

Daily group-time incorporates several activities, such as songs, games, stories and pre-Montessori work. Exploring art materials and experiencing music, dance and role-playing encourages their independence. Introducing toddlers to books and flashcards encourages language and nourishes early literacy development.

Toddlers have direct access to the garden, where they can develop their gross and fine motor skills as well as join their siblings in some quality sibling time.

At sleep time we roll out the toddler beds for the children to have a rest in a safe and relaxing environment.

Talk to Us

If you have any questions about what’s best for your child, please don’t hesitate to drop us an email or pick up the phone for a chat.